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I Believe

I believe the world is full of beauty. I believe that everywhere, in places, relationships and things, beauty is present. Photography is my means to create, capture and or memorialize and then to share that beauty with others. Whether it's a wedding, a portrait session or a specialized shoot, my purpose is to capture beauty. 

The Photographer

If you are looking for an artist to capture the right moment at the right time,  that's me. I'm thorough, yet unobtrusive. I let the moments tell the story. With over a decade of experience, I know how to capture the essential elements of any event. I love all things photography and my experience and style ensure unique, timeless and creative photos for you to love and cherish for a lifetime. 

The Philosophy

You should hire me only if the pictures you see on my site match the style you want. I love what I do and that love shines through in every photo shoot I do. Part of the reason my work is good is because I put my heart and soul into making your wedding photography worth every penny of your investment. My pricing is flexible and reasonable, and custom for every event I do. Call me with the details and we can create a package that works for you.

Your wedding day will be a beautiful memory. My role is to capture it genuinely. I work behind the lens to make sure your cherished memories are captured into timeless pictures that will charm you for the rest of your life.

Recent Weddings

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Hi, I’m Zach, and I’m a photographer. I began photography as a hobby over a decade ago. The more I've spent with a camera, the more I learn that being a photographer is what I love doing. From there it’s turned into a career that I love. I currently live in Ogden, Utah. I love the outdoors and enjoy activities like hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, skiing and camping but most of all I love spending time with my family.

I offer a modern and creative photography style that captures the candid moments and makes people look their best. My style is artistic with a journalistic approach to capturing the timeline of your wedding. I am skilled with a camera and experienced ensuring that I don’t miss the important moments of your wedding. My style is laid back and easy going, so if you're looking for a photographer to steal your thunder during your wedding day, you've got the wrong guy ;). My relaxed nature shines through my photographs as I love documenting the candid and natural moments that make up your wedding. I do well under pressure and have no problem guiding large wedding groups but I’m never too loud or overbearing. I absolutely love providing beautiful photography to everyone who asks.  

I am a destination wedding photographer and heart and grateful photograph weddings worldwide. If you’re looking for a wedding, engagements, bridals or LDS temple wedding photographer in Northern Utah, I would love to set up a time to meet or chat. My photography aims to capture your true personality and memories as they unfold. I’m based in Ogden Utah and love doing Ogden Bridals photography. I strive to capture creative and timeless photographs of you, your family, and your wedding. I have experience with all types of wedding coverage including temple weddings, receptions, ceremonies, candid shots and formal or first-look sessions.

Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life and you deserve to have an amazing experience. Investing in a talented photographer to add to that experience while capturing each cherished moment between you and your sweetheart, as well as your family and friends will undoubtedly become one of the wisest investments of your life. Your marriage will last forever and your wedding photographs will be a valuable reminder of the start of the rest of your life together. I'm excited for you and the memories you are going to create and would love to be a part of capturing those memories.

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