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Some Things you might want to know about me. 

I love photography. My experience ranges from landscapes to portraits to weddings. I've tried every type of photography and have yet to find a photography job I don't like. 

I try to use my camera to help others whenever possible. I volunteer with organizations and frequently have my camera on me to take pictures for fun. When I don't have my DSLR I still love taking pictures with a camera phone and I have thousands of pictures that I love sharing. 

I also love improving my skill. I am constantly looking for youtube videos, classes, workshops or events that can expand my skillset. 

I graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Sociology. My 'other' job is working fora law firm in downtown Ogden. We live in historic Odgen, Utah and love it.

After a 2 year mission for the LDS church, I purchased my first DSLR and thanks to some encouragement from friends and family, started pursuing photography as a serious hobby.
Since then I have been taking photos of everything and everyone and I've loved doing it.
I'm passionate about photography and love every chance I get to take pictures.

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